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There are so many reasons to go Vegan.
Now you can “vegucate” the masses with this persuasive t-shirt. Be consistent in your message for compassion in this double-sided, organic, fair-labor t-shirt. Whether your specific cause is human rights, animal protection, the environment, or peace...Vegan choices unite us all!

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“I wear this shirt everywhere. It's so much a part of who I am.
It always starts a thoughtful conversation.”

- Matt Bear,

"My favorite shirt."
-- Crystal Klowak of Orangeville, Ontario

"Best shirt by far."
-- "vegangirl" of New Port Richey, Florida

"Strangers want to read me!"
-- Alisa of Iowa City, Iowa

"The PERFECT outreach t-shirt!"
-- Barbara, outreach activist

"It gets the conversation going!"
-- Dennis Kucinich, U.S. Congressperson

"Wow! That's what Vegan means? I really respect that."
-- random VEGAN shirt reader, Denver, CO

"One shirt really does say it all."
-- Dave and Tammi, Australia



Eriyah Flynn organized the 300 VEGANS march in the
4th of July DooDah Parade in Columbus, Ohio.
Photo courtesy of Susan Woodhouse.

How COOL is that tattoo?! :) Inspired by the VEGAN shirt.
Thanks, Josh! http://

Front Reads:
For the People.
For the Planet.
For the Animals.

Back Reads:
Feed the hungry.
Save indigenous people.
Stand up for workers' rights.

Be kind to animals.
Stop factory/animal farms.
Save 100 animals every year.

End deforestation for grazing.
Save an acre of trees per year.
End grazing on public lands.

Tell the government
to stop killing wildlife for
corporate ranchers’ profits.

Stop wars for resources.
Help end corporate rule.
Make the world a better place.

Help stop climate change.
Stop the #1 polluter of water.
Support a sustainable planet.

Live your values.
Live with compassion.
Stop the violence. BLUE
BLUE IS BACK by popular demand!

vegan woman
Women's Cut Now Available!
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vegan hoodie
Limited edition HOODIES now available!

Lisa Koehn, attorney and Certified Personal Trainer, pumping iron in Hilo, HI. Visit Lisa at

Congressman Dennis Kucinich & Elizabeth Kucinich

Brook & Home
Optimum Living Alliance
"Incredibly Delicious"... a great cookbook!

Friends from with fellow happy
Vegan, Dan Piraro of
Click the photo for a larger image

eriyah flynnVegan/Social Justice activist Eriyah Flynn.

Clearwater Florida World Peace Diet Group
Our friends from the "World Peace Diet" Group in Clearwater, Florida.

Marji the snuggly chicken and her friend Tamara enjoy their new VEGAN shirt :)

Roger McDowell in this article
All The Treats Without The Meat in the Tampa Tribune

Vegan Shirt walkabout/outreach at the Boulder Creek Fest in Boulder, CO.

Laundry day at a Vegan activist's house :)


"I feel very deeply about vegetarianism and the animal kingdom. It was my dog Boycott who led me to question the right of humans to eat other sentient beings."
-- Cesar Chavez, human rights champion and founder of the United Farm Workers... and fellow VEGAN!


Cornelius the "Juice Man"
Boulder, CO
Photo/Article: Daily Camera Newspaper

Attorney and all-around good guy Walt Kramarz hits the slopes in Colorado to "vegucate" the masses in his VEGAN shirt. You'll also find Walt pumping iron in the local gyms in one of his modified sleeveless VEGAN shirts!

Some of the beautiful youth at Veg Summerfest 2010 -- I see a few VEGAN shirts :) We love this photo of the future... it gives us hope!


Dill Ward and friends from
Your Vegetarian & Vegan Guide to Sarasota, FL

IDA India
Saurabh Dalal, president of Vegetarian Society of DC, with the staff and board members of In Defense of Animals India. Click here for larger image.
Robin Helfrich with Michael Weber and volunteers of FARM Click here for larger image.






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